Beyond the fact that the book features fine art nudes and the discussion thereof, it is also an incredible photographic resource for the information it contains regarding the art of photography and digital capture. The tech info alone easily makes this a ‘must-have’ photo guide.
— James Sullivan, and Host of

Lou has built a career studying art and the intricacies of photographing the perfect nude and compiled what he has learned for you in the best-selling book, The Naked and the Lens, now in its second edition.



1 Focusing In
2 Art Photography Laid Bare
3 Fleshing Out the Idea


4 Portraying the Body
5 The Camera vs. the Eye
6 It All Starts with Light
7 Inside the Frame


8 Tripping the Shutter
9 Collaborating with Models
10 Working in Digital
11 Showing Your Stuff

Shown here are a sampling of photos from the book by Lou Benjamin. The book includes additional works by 35 contributors.


Fun fact: The first edition of The Naked and the Lens was published in English and Czech.

Additional praise for the first edition

"Rather than a photographer, I consider myself an artist who uses a camera. The Naked and the Lens is a book I would not only appreciate having in my library, but I would actually purchase it to give to amateur and professional photographer friends of mine for their own collections. It'll be dog-eared in no time!"

— Charles Laurier Dufour, Fine Art Nude Photographer,

"As an experienced fine art nude photographer, I found the The Naked and the Lens to be a very comprehensive look on the subject. It covers the gamut from the basics of photography as applied to this genre to finding models and how to work with them to achieve the results you want. I use many techniques mentioned to achieve my own artistic vision. As someone who has moved from the film to digital world, I especially appreciate the emphasis on digital techniques in camera and post processing. I even learned some new techniques! I highly recommend the book to both new photographers starting to explore nude photography as well as experienced ones to refresh your knowledge on nude photography as an art form, or learn something new if you are exploring digital camera or post processing."

— Eric Scott, Fine Art Nude Photographer,

Published by Focal Press. ISBN 978 1138829404.
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