Teaching provides Lou with the opportunity to share his love of photography and art, and also to give back to the photography community. Both teaching and writing challenge him to keep current with equipment and software and identify best practices. They also require a practical understanding of the fundamentals of the subject matter and the ability to present it in clear, concise, and memorable ways.

Lou is a faculty member at the school of the International Center of Photography, the world’s leading institution dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography and the reproduced image in all its forms. He regularly teaches the following 10-week courses in the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms:

Photoshop I: Digital Imaging for Photographers

>> Next session: April 17 - June 26

Note: This course is also offered as a one-week intensive in early January.

This introductory course covers the basics of Photoshop — from scanning and digital camera input to digital prints — and looks at computer imaging hardware and software technology to explore the capabilities of the "electronic darkroom." Students learn about resolution, white balance, and noise reduction, as well as how to import camera files into Bridge, open files in Camera RAW, and scan film. The course also covers nondestructive tonal and color correcting with levels and curves, adjustment layers, basic retouching on a separate layer, and printing with profiles.

Photoshop I: For Adobe Lightroom Users

Rather than being competing products, Photoshop and Lightroom were designed to work together. This course is for students who have a working knowledge of Lightroom and are interested in taking their images to the next level through the use of Photoshop. 

Students will master the relationship between Photoshop and the Lightroom catalogue, refine their use of Lightroom’s color and tonal adjustments, and incorporate the more intricate and nuanced methods of image refinement and transformation offered by Photoshop. Topics will include essential nondestructive image enhancements using Adjustment Layers and an introduction to the use of layers, selections, masking, and various methods of retouching.


For more information and to register for courses, browse the digital workflow section of the ICP course catalog or visit icp.org/school.