The School at the International Center of Photography is now registering students for its fall courses. I’ll be teaching two Photoshop courses starting 9/28 and 10/17, and there are many  others to choose from. 

Photoshop 1 for Photographers (Wednesday mornings) is and intro to Photoshop tailored specifically for photography workflows, starting from zero. You’ll learn the basics and come away with an understanding of how layers work and how to prepare images for the web and print. You’ll also learn about basic retouching, color management, and more. 

Photoshop for Lightroom Users (Monday nights) is for people who want to use Photoshop to extend beyond the capabilities of Lightroom, including round-trip editing, masking, and simple compositing. It typically goes a bit further than the Photoshop 1 class because students are already grounded in some of the basics. ICP uses Photoshop in its advanced printing courses and Photoshop for Lightroom Users is the perfect course to learn the basics of color-managed printing with Photoshop.

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