This is the first post to the blog on my new site, which launches today. I'm psyched to be up and running.

Building the site with SquareSpace has generally been a good experience. I like the flexibility and power of its visual page builder, even though there there were times when getting blocks to snap into the appropriate place seemed more difficult than it should have been. On the other hand, connecting my Instagram and Tumblr blogs was even simpler than I imagined it could have been — it took about two clicks, and I didn't have to enter any data! There is still more to learn about and implement, but I'm impressed with the ease of use and the depth of the toolset in SS. It's far more sophisticated than I had imagined and seems well-suited for managing and maintaining my site going forward.

Several months ago, I tried unsuccessfully to build out two sites with WordPress. The design of third-party WP themes and slow, cumbersome support made that process so unpleasant that I ultimately abandoned my efforts. After slogging away with three different third-party themes and juggling updates to WP, themes, and plug-ins over the span of several months, I was ready to throw in the towel when I saw SS for the first time. The clean, logical arrangement of the interface and settings options in SS blows WP away. Same-day email support from people whose first language is English also makes a huge difference.

Posting to this blog and editing posts has a great user experience. I suspect I'm going to like it even more than Tumblr... don't get me started on how quirky Instagram is...

I'm very happy that Denise suggested I try SquareSpace. In fact, she forced the issue by registering, starting to set up the site on SS, and then asking me to finish it. 

Stay tuned — good stuff coming.