It's Been a Long Time (in more ways than one)...

It feels kinda crazy to be posting an entry with a title like this. After all, I cringe a little whenever I see someone else putting up similarly titled posts. Still, I think it's appropriate to let you know that I haven't been posting here in part because I've been busy elsewhere and in part because I had to figure out how I was going to differentiate between this blog and my two other blogs: on Instagram and As I approach 900 followers on Instagram (I may get there tonight), my activities here and on Tumblr have been light, at best. That's about to change, now that I have a vision for going forward on each of these platforms.

Simply put, the posts here will tend to be long-form, more like articles or tutorials, while the other two platforms will feature shorter content, with Instagram being the shortest. Content on  Instagram will include lifestyle topics that I won't be covering here, and will be further constrained by its  limited formatting options and heavy censorship. I plan to post images on Tumblr that I cannot post on Instagram without obliterating them, and to take advantage of features such as the ability to insert links and post multiple images.  

Muse, my blog back in 2006

It amazes me that my blogging activities go back 16 years — to the early days of blogging itself. I created my first blog on the Blogger platform  in December of 2000, little more than a year after the platform first became available to the public. I kept that blog going for six solid years and it was a great experience. In fact, my return to photography happened in part because I got interested in adding photos to my blog posts. I got a Nikon CoolPix 990 and started shooting like crazy. The photography activity increased even more after I took on the challenge of shooting at least 20 frames every day, inspired by a course description in the catalog for the School at the International Center of Photography.

During that time, I watched Pyra Labs, the little startup that created Blogger, get absorbed by Google. I also saw the rise of competing blogging platforms including WordPress. Blogging styles and the very nature of social networking evolved quite a bit over the years. I liked having the power to edit HTML to structure and style my posts just-so, but it was a lot of work. My last Blogger post was in February '07.  

I returned to blogging in November, 2010 when I set up my first micro-blog on Tumblr as an example for a book I was working on: Editing, Storing and Sharing Your Digital Photos in Simple Steps for Prentice-Hall. Part of the appeal of Tumblr was the ease of creating posts on the platform. Mobile support and the relative absence of censorship were also compelling. I ended up creating two blogs, one that was about observing pop culture and one that was more specific to photography.

Unfortunately, somewhere in late 2014, Tumblr deleted my accounts! I had encountered a nasty little pitfall of the Tumblr ecosystem: it's far too easy to reblog materials that infringe others' copyright, which makes you an infringer. If the copyright holder spots your post and complains to Tumblr, it's a strike against you. When you get enough strikes, you're zapped, and there's nothing you can do about it. Because both of my blogs were connected, they both got taken down because of reblogs into one of them.

In a sense, what you see here is part of a third act. I'm definitely working from a different vision this time.  It's funny to realize that I had a three-year break before each of my returns to blogging. Perhaps I needed that much time to refuel and reimagine my project.   When I finally set up in April, 2016, I knew I would approach posting differently than before — I'd certainly be more careful about reblogs.

I actually set up on Instagram just prior to setting up the Tumblr account. Two friends who were familiar with Instagram gave me some pointers that showed its potential, and I was off to the races. 

So, here we are! I'm really excited about the distinct benefits of blogging on Squarespace, Instagram, and Tumblr, and I plan to take advantage of each. Come back soon — there's more to come!



Open for Registration

The School at the International Center of Photography is now registering students for its fall courses. I’ll be teaching two Photoshop courses starting 9/28 and 10/17, and there are many  others to choose from. 

Photoshop 1 for Photographers (Wednesday mornings) is and intro to Photoshop tailored specifically for photography workflows, starting from zero. You’ll learn the basics and come away with an understanding of how layers work and how to prepare images for the web and print. You’ll also learn about basic retouching, color management, and more. 

Photoshop for Lightroom Users (Monday nights) is for people who want to use Photoshop to extend beyond the capabilities of Lightroom, including round-trip editing, masking, and simple compositing. It typically goes a bit further than the Photoshop 1 class because students are already grounded in some of the basics. ICP uses Photoshop in its advanced printing courses and Photoshop for Lightroom Users is the perfect course to learn the basics of color-managed printing with Photoshop.

Browse digital workflow courses

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A friend of mine used to say "people who shoot from the hip often end up losing toes." I think I lost a metaphorical toe on Friday. 

After a bit of a postmortem with Squarespace support, it's become clear that I was wrong in my assessment that Squarespace automatically grabs your email when you point your domain to it. Actually, the default behavior is to route web browsing to your site, but leave your mail routing intact. [more]

Third Time's the Charm

Shortly after my email went dark, I started to think that the problem had something to do with the DNS records, and that the people to resolve it with were at BlueHost. The culprit was an improperly configured MX record. It took several calls to BlueHost to get the fix in. Once it was in, my email came back to life in minutes. [read]

Fasten your seatbelts...

After a relatively painless process of pointing my domain to SquareSpace, I've hit a nasty patch of turbulence. The simple instructions for hooking up my domain didn't point out that the default setup not only routes browser traffic to SquareSpace, it points your email there, too. That's a problem. [more]


This is the first post to the blog on my new site, which launches today. I'm psyched to be up and running.

Building the site with SquareSpace has generally been a good experience...[more]